About Company

RPC Batys-EcoConsulting LLP (BEC) was founded on 01 June 2004.

- Over the last 10 years, BEC has performed about 207 various projects and contracts including the integrated engineering surveys, the main ones of which are by the following fields:

- 155 projects and contracts for the oil and gas industry including the integrated engineering surveys

- 36 projects on environmental protection

- 12 projects on construction of water supply systems, system of treatment and water reuse and sewage system

- 18 different projects (sampling, fire extinguishing, etc.)

- main Clients for these years are TCO LLP, AGIP KCO, West Dala, KazTransOil, Tecninco, Kazmunaigas, etc.

Two Master Contracts №90664 dd.01.11.2011 and №1410496 dd.01.12.2015 have been signed between BEC and TCO

Company has the following Licenses for:

• performance of the project activities, I Category, №16018351 as of 29.11.2016;

• performance of the design and survey activities, № 001304, issued by the Department of State Architectural and Construction Supervision Authority in Atyrau oblast;

• performance of the survey activities, № 016290 as of 29.09.2004, issued by the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Construction , Housing and Utilities;

• performance of works and services in the field of the environmental protection №0041683 as of 03.08. 2007 issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

• performance of land survey works, №0054382 as of 11.03.2009 issued by the Land Relations Department in Atyrau oblast;

• designing of mining plants, refineries, №0000038 as of 02.11.2010 issued by the Committee of State Inspections in the oil and gas sector of the Ministry of Oil and Gas of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Complete list of Licenses is provided in the state web-site of licenses of RPC Batys-EcoConsulting LLP.

List of licenses is provided at the State Website: