Detailed design for IB Construction Project in Fort-Shevchenko, Tupkaragan district, Mangistau oblast provides the development of the engineering solutions for design of Industrial Base (IB) to store chemicals.

The territory according to the Design Assignment is located in Mangistau oblast, Tupkaragan district, Bautino in the industrial zone.

Area of site within fencing borders is 3 ha.

• Client and Initiator of the project is AGS Champion LLP

• Design Company – RPC Batys-EcoConsulting LLP

• Construction Contractor to be defined as per Tender

The basis for the detailed design development of IB Construction Project in Fort-Shevchenko is the Contract №БЭК-2016/92-0110 dd. 19.09.2016 signed between RPC Batys-EcoConsulting LLP and AGS Champion LLP .

All the engineering solutions are taken in accordance with the Design Assignment provided by AGS Champion LLP.

For development of the detailed design, we used the following:

- data of the integrated engineering surveys performed by the Survey Group of RPC Batys-EcoConsulting LLL in 2016;

- layout plan of the open area;

- equipment passports;

- Tank- container passport;

- passports and characteristics of the chemicals.

All basic data and materials were provided by the Project Client.